the dot2 Blog Team – Michael

Hello everybody,

my name is Michael “Qincy” Strathmann, and I am the “face” – and the international product specialist – for the MA dot2 range of products.

A bit about myself: so how did I start working in the entertainment business?

First I did an apprenticeship as a radio and television technician. After that, I worked for 5 years as an electronics technician for the British armed forces in Germany, before graduating as a state certified engineer, specializing in electronics.

A friend who was a sound engineer for a few bands at that time asked me if I had ever thought about becoming a lighting technician, as guys with serious electronics backgrounds were rare then! So in my free time I started doing lighting build-ups and get-ins / outs on all kind of stages.

A year later I was running my own business as a freelance lighting operator, and later as lighting designer, and did this for some years.

At that time, the MA Lightcommander and Scancommander were the ‘weapons’ of choice for lighting control on most of the small to medium live performance stages and industrial events / exhibitions on which I had the pleasure to work.

I started at MA international in 1998, which was exactly the time when the first big MA console – the grandMA – was released, and soon I found myself travelling the world with the developing software and hardware for the grandMA (1) series, and later, the grandMA2.

Since last year, I have been showing and explaining the dot2 range of products to our existing and potential future communities. dot2 is the much more modern version of the Lightcommander  and Scancommander series’ for small to midsize jobs.

So coming from a practical background, it’s my pleasure to listen to your questions, suggestions and ideas … and to help you find Solutions.



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