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dot2 Tips + Tricks No. 32 – Commands in cues – Gameshow Exercise

​Heyho everybody!

We are pretty close to the end of our “Commands in cues” series.
As a final highlight we try to do something we have never done before in tips and tricks history: We give you an exercise!
We will also give an idea for a possible solution in our next video.
Have fun!  :thumbsup: 

dot2 Tipps und Tricks Nr. 30 – Kommandos in Cues Teil 5 – MiDi Kommandos


In diesem Tipps & Tricks video zeigen wir,wie ihr Midi Noten aus Cues heraus senden könnt und welche Befehle möglich sind.

Dazu zeigen wir noch, wie man kontrollieren kann, ob das richtige Kommando ausgegeben wurde.

Viel Spaß,


dot2 Tips + Tricks dot2 No. 30 – Commands in cues – MiDi commands

Hi there,

In this Tip & Tricks video we show you how you can send out Midi notes from your Cues and which different Commands are possible. Furthermore you can learn how you can double check, if the right Command was send.


Have fun,