dot2 Tips + Tricks No. 17 – Store Part 4 store remove

Hi Folks,

here´s  our latest Clip about “storing is not boring” and

it´s about how to get rid of values or fixtures from

your cues or cuelists.

Have fun!,


Michael (Qincy) Strathmann

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dot2 for Lock, Stock & Barrel: “There is nothing average”

The Lock, Stock & Barrel in Dubai was inspired by the trend of casual, industrial and live music venues all over the world. Spread over two floors and with more than 800 square metres, it focuses on live music events and sports with two bars, a live music stage and eleven screens.

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dot2 Tips + Tricks No. 16 – Store Part 3 selective programming

Hey out there,

here comes  part three  of our Little series of “Store” videos.
In this one I show you, how selective programming could work …

In Detail, how to exclude specific preset categories from the store process.

Have fun,