Videodokumentation: dot2 auf dem Frühlingsfest in Paderborn

Mit rund 300.000 Besuchern ist das Paderborner Frühlingsfest die zweitgrößte Veranstaltung in der Paderstadt nach dem Liborifest. Neben diversen Schaustellern lockt auch die große Bühne vor dem Rathaus, mit ihren renommierten Künstlern, tausende Besucher in die Stadt. Für die Lichtsteuerung der Bühne nutzte in diesem Jahr die Jansen Lichttechnik GmbH & Co.KG eine dot2 core.

Diese Videodokumentation zeigt im Gespräch mit Operator Timo Ebbers, wie er die dot2 für dieses Projekt genutzt hat, wo er die Stärken des Pultes sieht aber auch, was ihn ganz persönlich an der Veranstaltungsbranche fasziniert.

Alle weiteren Informationen über die dot2 Serie gibt es hier:

Now online: New dot2 tutorial videos

MA has now published new dot2 tutorial videos. The videos are presented by Chris Moylan and focus on the new functions of the recently released dot2 software version 1.2. You can watch the videos on the dot2 website. You can download the new dot2 software version there as well.

The videos will also be translated in multiple languages and will be made available on the dot2 website soon.

dot2 for DJ Gaurav Malvai: India says “Yes”

India’s DJ Gaurav Malvai is one of the most renowned DJ’s in the country and has just bought a dot2 XL-F. He is present at all the “Big fat India Wedding” be it India or abroad. He runs a successful light and sound rental company based in New Delhi which he started about 15 years ago.

Malvai  said: “I bought the dot2 because of the ease it provides to programmers and I can actually run most of my shows using the board. It is very user friendly and is a perfect solution for rental companies.”

dot2 Tips + Tricks No. 11 – time for Executors!

Hello everybody out there,

here´s the latest Version of our little Tips and Tricks Video Clip series.

We´started in our last Tips and Tricks Clip (no. 10) our journey thru the “Magic” Timing possibilities and today we continue with the  second Clip (no. 11) about the “exec” Timing.

Have fun Folks,




dot2 Roadshow with Michael Strathmann

A dot2 Roadshow with Michael Strathmann from MA Lighting and DWR Distribution, will be hosted in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Namibia from 9 to 18 May. The dot2 is a well-respected lighting console, and Michael Strathmann’s knowledge and experience will allow users to understand the functionality and ease of use this console enjoys.

The dot2 is ideal for small to mid-sized projects and venues. Full tracking backup is available via plug and play networking. Intuitive operation is the core of the dot2 philosophy and with all connectivity onboard, the dot2 range is suitable for most theatre, touring, corporate, television and education lighting environments.

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Obacht! Fixture Builder Clips auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar! . . . . . Btw: we also produced the fixture builder Clips in german language!

It´s a bit weired to announce in english language, that we also produced german Versions of the Fixture Builder Tutorials…. so let´s Switch over (;-)

Hallo, ihr alle!

Die Fixture Builder Tutorials gibt’s übrigens auch in deutscher Sprache! Ihr findet sie hier im dot2 Forum:

Viel Spaß damit!

Eurer Michael “Qincy”