dot2 Tips + Tricks dot2 No. 24 – about the “replace” command

Hi Folks,

here we are again with our “regular” series of dot2 tips + tricks, Clip number 24 and this one is about the “replace” command and how it can safe you time during programming.

Please have a look!

Happy programming,

Michael “Qincy” Strathmann

Watch all parts of our dot2 3D video series

Part 4 brings our dot2 3D tips + tricks video series to an end. You can watch the whole series on our dot2 blog tips + tricks section. Get to know more about the basics of dot2 3D, camera movements, video clip playback and importing sources from other CAD programs.

Did you know that dot2 3D is available completely free of cost? Here you can download this powerful, easy to use 3D real-time visualiser and pre-programming suite for the dot2 system.

Amp-light investiert in dot2: Pult auch im Film- und TV-Einsatz vorn

Die Amp-light Film&TV Service GmbH hat jüngst in eine dot2 core investiert. Damit setzt das Unternehmen aus Köln, das sowohl eigene Studioproduktionen anbietet als auch im Verleih aktiv ist, auf die neue Pultserie von MA Lighting. In den Bavaria Studios München kam das Pult jüngst für einen großen deutschen Hersteller elektrischer Kleingeräte zum Einsatz, der mit Profis des FC Bayern München einen Clip drehte. Vor Ort waren auch 2 x Wireless Solution Micro F-1 Lite G4 Transceiver und 1 x Wireless Solution BlackBox F-2 G4 MK2 Transceiver.
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dot2 Tips + Tricks dot2 3D Special – learning in 3D, part 4

Hello everybody,

here we are with our 4th (and last) part of our little
tips + tricks series of Video Clips about the dot2 3D visualisation Software.
In this 4th part, we describe how to Import objects from other CAD programms.

So have a look!

Michael (Qincy) Strathmann